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October 17, 2014

Help Your Clients Avoid the Chilling Consequences of Non-Compliance

Drew McCallum
Product Solutions Analyst
ConnectWise, Inc.
Email Encryption for Regulatory Compliance

Fear collects like a heavy fog around a potential client. They’ve discovered they aren’t in compliance, the regulations have changed with frightening speed and they simply don’t have the resources to keep track of all the shifting regulatory rules. Terrified by the threat of devastating consequences, including fearsome fees and petrifying prison time, they turn to you as their trusted advisor for advice on compliance.

Spine-tingling Solutions

In this new age of reform, you are tasked with implementing changes to your own business and on behalf of your clients. You’ll need to start by establishing a working knowledge of the regulations that affect your clients and their specific verticals. The better your understanding of their pain points, the faster you’ll establish the stickiness you’re looking for.

Employing a policy-based email encryption solution saves you from hours of repetitive work managing each client individually. With a managed solution, email encryption for your clients can be automated to solve for multiple regulations in a short time. You’ll be able to define your solution to automatically flag email messages containing things like protected health information (HIPAA/HITECH), payment card account information (PCI-DDS), and financial governance/reporting data (SOX and GLB), just to name a few. State Breach Notification Laws, currently in place in all but four U.S. states, can also be easily managed.

Bewitching Benefits

Offering clients email encryption helps to ensure your clients are covered no matter what regulations apply. An effective solution will apply encryption automatically and dynamically according to individual corporate privacy policies so end-users won’t have to navigate the ghastly gnarl of encryption keys or digital certificates.

Your reputation and your clients’ will be protected from potential damages like media publicized breaches or a loss of corporate intellectual property. Clients will be able to immediately deliver confidential documents to partners and customers. The cost of manual document delivery will disappear, and they’ll be going green with less paperwork. Abhorrent administrative burdens will disappear, and most importantly, your expertise will have relieved their worst compliance fears.

Use email encryption to keep your clients’ emails private and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your value-add with a new title of “trusted compliance advisor.” Tune in next week for the hair-raising conclusion to our email security series and tips to implement email security solutions in your IT business!

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Drew McCallum Product Solutions Analyst
ConnectWise, Inc.

As co-founder of his own managed services business, Drew truly understands the day-to-day challenges of building an IT services business from the ground up.


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