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LabTech Cloud

A client management platform is a critical tool for today’s corporate IT professionals, enabling them to remotely monitor the health of their company’s networks and take a more proactive approach to problem resolution. LabTech Cloud is a cloud-based client management platform that gives you the same powerful, robust features and functionality as our on-premise client management platform, but for a fraction of the cost and with minimal setup time.

LabTech SaaS | LabTech Cloud

LabTech SaaS Overview

LabTech Cloud brings you full access to our superior client management platform as an on-demand cloud-based service. If you’ve got the drive and the enthusiasm, but lack the resources for further investments, the LabTech Cloud solution gives you the ability to rapidly expand your IT operations. A monthly subscription fee and convenient, pay-as-you-go model make this an irresistible solution.

LabTech Cloud is perfect for corporations that are looking to reduce operational burdens, so they can address pain points and improve service delivery. LabTech client management platform delivered as a service also includes the advantage of faster recovery time at a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery (DR).

Get Up and Running | LabTech Cloud

Get Up And Running in No Time

Accessing a free LabTech Cloud trial is quick and easy. There is no need to download, configure, install or host your own server for testing. Complete our online form and within minutes you’ll be able to log in to a fully functioning LabTech server. And when you decide to move from trial to production, we can get you up and running immediately!

Everywhere You Are | LabTech Cloud

Everywhere You Are

LabTech Cloud is available worldwide, with data centers strategically located to support domestic and international IT departments.

Fast and Easy | LabTech Software

Fast and Easy

Minimal time required to install, set up and run. Within minutes, your technicians can log in to a fully functioning LabTech server.

LabTech Cloud Features Pay As You Go


License fees are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. Monthly fees include LabTech server software upgrades at no additional cost.

LabTech Cloud Safe and Secure Features

Safe and Secure

LabTech Cloud includes a unique URL, integrated disaster recovery (DR) system and built-in security features, so your applications and data remain safe.

Expand Your IT Department Appordably | LabTech Cloud

Expand Your IT Department Affordably

LabTech Cloud is delivered as a service and available to domestic and international IT professionals in need of a client management tool, avoiding additional infrastructure investments. With virtually no time spent on setup and configuration, you can initiate operations and have your technicians concentrate on more critical issues!

LabTech Cloud Low Starting Costs

Low Starting Costs

With a pay-as-you-go licensing model, no costly infrastructure purchase or additional headcount is required to get started.

LabTech Cloud Scalable


No need to provision, configure, install, host or maintain your own LabTech server; we’ll help you reduce storage space and the need to purchase product insurance.

LabTech Cloud Grow Efficiency

Grow Efficiency

Our trial version provides the same features and functionality as the purchased version. We’ll get you up and running in minutes, with minimal installation and setup from LabTech Cloud on-premise if/when you choose to switch.

LabTech Cloud Do More With Less

Do More With Less

All maintenance, patches and upgrades are taken care of by the LabTech Cloud team, so you can concentrate on higher-priority tasks.

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