LabTech Mobile RMM

LabTech Mobile

LabTech Mobile lets you further increase your efficiency and flexibility to provide outstanding customer service, wherever you are. Available for Google Android and Apple iOS platform devices, LabTech Mobile puts the power of the LabTech RMM platform in the palm of your hand from any location, at any time. Quickly respond to customer support requests and resolve issues seamlessly—whether in or out of the office—24/7.

Provide IT Support Anytime, Anywhere | LabTech Mobile

Provide Support Anytime, From Anywhere

Increase your productivity and efficiency with the tool that lets you work on tickets, deal with timers, access client data, work with scripts and so much more. LabTech Mobile is a fast and easy way to manage client accounts while on-the-go and give your technicians the ability to provide continued service from the field through their compatible mobile devices.

LabTech Mobile Features Around the Clock Support

Around-the-Clock Support

With LabTech Mobile, you'll have the accessibility you need to provide ‘round-the-clock client support. By giving your technicians the capability to access the LabTech RMM platform from the field, you will be able to provide your clients with seamless service and minimize downtime, which will directly affect your bottom-line.

Capture Time | LabTech Mobile

Capture Time

Create, start, stop and finish timers. View signature captures as attachments in the ticket.

LabTech Mobile Features Ticket Management

Manage Tickets

Create, open, view, update and close tickets—even reassign tickets to other technicians. Create quotes and parts order requests.

View Client Data on LabTech Mobile

View Client Data

View client and machine information, as well as passwords and product keys. Run and send client reports via email.

LabTech Mobile Run Scripts

Run Scripts

Automate from anywhere. Run scripts on clients, groups and machines.

LabTech Mobile Find Data Fast

Find Data Fast

Perform keyword searches on clients, contacts, scripts, tickets and product keys.

Sync Data with LabTech Mobile

Sync Data

Sync client contacts to your mobile device, add favorites and even view last-stored items.

LabTech Mobile Benefits

LabTech Mobile Benefits

Improve client management and technician response time.

Seamlessly support your clients at any time, from any location.

Improve your ability to accurately capture billable time.

Greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of your field technicians.

Improve client service with immediate access to essential information.

More effectively monitor, allocate and reassign resources.

Reduce response times while minimizing downtime.

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