LabTech RMM is a Powerful Automation Engine

Automate Everything

Imagine a world where you can be in more than one place at a time; a world where you can touch all of your managed endpoints from the comfort of your office—or anywhere you have Internet access—with the click of a mouse. LabTech makes this world a reality with the most powerful automation engine available on the market. At LabTech Software we proudly say, “If you can think it, LabTech can automate it.”

What Makes LabTech’s Scripting Engine So Unique?

Powerful Automation Engine Automation Out Of The Box

The Most Automation Out-of-the-Box

Feel like a long-time scripting expert armed with more than 400 scripts, 70 system commands and over 200 contextual right-click actions out-of-the-box with LabTech Ignite®, an IT industry exclusive built directly into LabTech

Automate Everything with LabTech Software

Automate Everything

Besides more built-in functionality than competing RMM solutions, LabTech’s powerful automation engine lets you automate any repetitive IT task imaginable. Manage more endpoints per technician while delivering consistent, reliable results every time.

LabTech is a Powerful Automation Engine That

Easy To Learn

Easily follow the simple functions-based script engine, which uses a simple linear approach with the added benefit of basic if/then logic. There is no programming language to learn; just jump in and start creating your automation.

Automation Made Faster with LabTech Software

Create Automation Faster

Create scripts from right-click command actions and easily copy and paste script lines or steps. Use variable replacements to hold and insert data. Call frequently used script functions into other scripts and quickly locate scripts using the search function.

LabTech Has a Native PowerShell Integration

Native PowerShell Integration

Copy and paste any PowerShell script and easily use those scripts across multiple domains, system types and configurations. There’s no need to install PowerShell on the systems you’re working on, so your automation can start right away.

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