LabTech 2013.1

What’s New in LabTech 2013.1

LabTech 2013.1 is engineered to expand your IT management capabilities further than ever. Fueled by feedback and requests from our partners, LabTech 2013.1 delivers the features and functionality needed to monitor, manage and maintain today’s modern IT infrastructure. In addition, we listened to what you view as critical to the health of your business and allocated more focus and resources towards meeting those needs. As a result, this latest release also includes optimizations to core functionality and several stability improvements to help you get even more out of your investment in LabTech.

NEW Virtualization Manager

The Virtualization Manager plug-in extends the LabTech platform to provide agentless VMware infrastructure monitoring and basic management of ESX/ESXi hosts and guests. This gives service providers a comprehensive view of their IT infrastructures and enables them to manage their physical and virtual environments from one console. The Virtualization Manager includes a rich library of critical ESX availability and performance monitors based on VMware best practices, pre-configured thresholds, alerting and power state management.

NEW Intel® vPro™ Management Workspace

The Intel vPro integrated plug-in lets you discover, onboard and manage AMT and vPro capable hardware, including automatic provisioning, version scan, feature scan and password setup. The plug-in also features seamless integration of core vPro management functions, such as power on/off, KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) remote control and web user interface (UI) support directly from the computer management workspace.

REVAMPED CA D2D and Symantec Backup Exec™ Integration

Powered by a reinvented integration formula, the CA D2D and Symantec Backup Exec plug-ins bring an unprecedented level of usability, reliability and confidence to one of the most important responsibilities that an IT service provider has—protecting client data. The CA D2D and Symantec Backup Exec plug-ins allow your technicians to monitor backups directly from the LabTech console, giving you improved visibility into the backup health of your client environments and allowing for an even quicker response time when backup issues arise.

UPDATED ConnectWise Plug-in

The updated ConnectWise Plug-in includes new capabilities that will simplify and enhance the overall user experience. In addition to new work type overrides and contact syncing, we’ve optimized the backend logic, improved the source code for better overall performance and laid the groundwork for future enhancements.

IMPROVED Stability and Performance

Numerous fixes to known issues around usability and stability.

What's New in LabTech 2013.1

Designed by IT service providers just like you, the LabTech remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform gives you greater visibility into your clients’ IT networks and the tools you need to automate your IT service delivery. See the latest features of LabTech 2013.1 in action and discover how you can leverage the power of LabTech to expand your IT management capabilities, automate your IT service delivery, increase revenues and provide your clients with the modern IT management services they expect.

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