LabTech 10 supercharged RMM with new premier remote control
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What’s New in LabTech 10

Our latest release is all about supercharging your RMM experience. LabTech 10 ushers in a new era of fast, secure and hassle-free remote control with native ScreenConnect® integration. LabTech is now the only RMM platform in the industry with world-class remote access technology included free of charge. Our unwavering focus on extending and enhancing overall functionality and performance continues as well. With the performance enhancements and premier remote control built into LabTech 10, you’re more equipped than ever to effectively monitor, manage and maintain today’s modern IT infrastructure.

NEW Native ScreenConnect® Integration

An RMM platform has to have strong remote control, so we’ve integrated ScreenConnect, a best-in-class remote support and access solution, into LabTech to end connectivity challenges for good. The integration enables partners to install, configure, deploy and utilize the power of ScreenConnect from a single-pane-of-glass within LabTech. A ScreenConnect license is included free of charge with LabTech 10 and includes access to all future updates of ScreenConnect, unlimited concurrent sessions and unattended access to any system running a LabTech agent.

The ScreenConnect plug-in for LabTech is available through the new LabTech Solution Center. Installation is a breeze with three wizard-driven options to choose from. Automatically and remotely deploy ScreenConnect agents to any endpoint running a LabTech agent. Once installed, launch ScreenConnect from the LabTech Computer Management Workspace with a single click for instant remote connectivity.

NEW Active Directory Integration

Reduce the tediousness and wasted time commonly associated with managing user access issues with the new Active Directory plug-in for LabTech 10. Quickly service password reset requests and common lockout issues, and update user account information directly from LabTech.

Take the first step in embracing a per-user or hybrid billing approach through a managed services accounting framework by importing Active Directory users as LabTech contacts and tying them to managed services plans. Define service offerings beyond managed workstations to include services like antivirus and backup.


Completely rebuilt on the POSIX platform, the refactored Mac agent makes multi-platform supportability easier for partners. Stability and performance have been enhanced with consistent check-ins and the ability to get inventory and send commands.

ENHANCED Systems Monitoring

New state-based monitoring capabilities with configurable threshold rules alert you when systems fall below a certain threshold. We’ve also added new system role detection definitions, as well as heartbeat technology for faster offline agent detection.

ENHANCED Network Monitoring

Automatically detect and categorize more device types than ever before with more than 500 SNMP detection templates. Partners gain more visibility into all the devices at their client locations to ensure service plans are aligned.

NEW Script Debugger

Scripters of all skill levels can take the guesswork out of simple or complex scripts with enhanced debugging. Designed to locate problems quickly, troubleshooting and calibrating scripts at any stage of development is easier than ever.

UPDATED LabTech Ignite®

Updated monitors for Windows Server 2012, Exchange 2013 and MS SQL 2012.

IMPROVED VNC Remote Control

Significant speed improvements to LabVNC and tunneling technology.

REDESIGNED Solution Center

Formerly known as Marketplace, the LabTech Solution Center has been enhanced for easier navigation, visibility and simplicity. Users will find a new solutions set framework that groups and downloads all required objects that are part of a tailored solution. Enhancements also include new version support for Solution Center objects, rollback capabilities and support for LabTech configuration types, including computer role definitions.

What's New in LabTech 10

whats new in labtech 10

The LabTech remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform is designed to drive automation and efficiency into your IT business. Our latest release takes efficiency to a whole new level! With LabTech 10, partners receive a FREE license for unattended access with ScreenConnect, a world-class remote control solution that combines reliability, speed and security to provide instant remote connectivity. See the latest features in action and discover why LabTech is the RMM platform of choice for more than 4,600 IT service providers worldwide.