What’s New in LabTech 2013

LabTech 2013 is engineered to extend and automate your IT services further than ever. Fueled by feedback and requests from our partners, LabTech 2013 includes a number of new features and integrations with industry leading solutions that will improve visibility, transparency and automation around your IT services. In addition, we listened to what existing and potential partners view as critical to the health of their business and allocated more focus and resources towards meeting those needs. As a result, this latest release also features optimizations to core functionality and several stability improvements that will help you get even more out of your investment in LabTech.

NEW TeamViewer Integration for Remote Access and Support

LabTech now integrates with TeamViewer, one of the world’s leading solutions for remote control and support. Our single-pane-of-glass integration approach enables technicians to launch a blazingly fast, secure remote support session directly from LabTech’s computer management workspace to immediately begin diagnosing and resolving a problem remotely. The seamless integration allows for instant deployment to existing client sites and automated deployment to new clients during onboarding. Once installed, a single-click connection from the LabTech computer management screen launches your TeamViewer remote control session, making access easy and convenient. Learn more.

NEW Autotask Plug-in 6.0

Powered by a reinvented integration formula, the Autotask Plug-in 6.0 brings an unprecedented level of usability, reliability and scalability to one of the most heavily utilized business management platforms in the industry. The Autotask Plug-in 6.0 has been totally redesigned so you can easily leverage the business workflow power of Autotask and visibility of the LabTech RMM platform as an end-to-end integrated, unified solution. Features include a guided wizard-driven setup and configuration process to make installation a breeze; new system check routines, error handling and graphical status dashboards to verify the health of the integration at-a-glance; granular ticket category mapping and event workflow rules to more efficiently manage tickets and tasks; and much more. Learn more.

NEW Centralized Managed Security Policies

LabTech continues to enhance the single-pane-of-glass approach to centralized antivirus management through new managed security policies for antivirus. Managed security policies simplify antivirus management by allowing you to configure core aspects of supported vendor antivirus agents, including scanner settings, scan schedules, threat detected alerts and file and folder exclusions. Policies are defined at the group level, so there is no need to manually assign a configuration to existing or newly onboarded machines – all computers will get their configuration from the group they belong to … automatically.

NEW Native PowerShell Scripting Integration and ENHANCED Script Engine Automation

Our latest enhancements add depth and breadth to the LabTech scripting environment, including native PowerShell scripting integration. Partners can now leverage their PowerShell scripts with the automation, tracking and extensions that the LabTech integrated scripting environment makes possible.

Enhancements to the scripting engine include more granular
script scheduling capabilities to more easily automate repetitive tasks. Partners will also find script steps within the script editor, which enable you to quickly walk through a complex script and
edit lines more rapidly. We’ve also introduced LabTech scriptlets to enable engineers to easily extract sets of functions from existing scripts and quickly reuse them to create new automated actions on the fly.

REDESIGNED LabTech Web Portal

The LabTech Web Portal has been completely redesigned with a Web 2.0 look and feel to provide users with an improved experience when using the Web Control Center or the Customer Self-Service Portal.

Technician Web Control Center

LabTech 2013 delivers a completely redesigned Web Control Center so technicians can easily manage service tickets and access client computers – 24/7 from any location and any web browser. The new look and feel of the Web Control Center is focused on efficiency and provides immediate access to the help desk and assets without having to install the desktop client. Through the redesigned Web Control Center, technicians can submit, read, edit, track time against and close service tickets with fewer clicks. In addition, techs can now easily enable a better troubleshooting process by associating computers to service tickets, access computer hardware/software information, view password lists and initiate remote control sessions with computers at all client sites from a web-browser.

Downstream IT Enabled

The LabTech 2013 Web Control Center is designed to simplify the administrative user experience when instituting downstream IT services, making it easier for downstream IT users to manage and troubleshoot computers. Permissions were tuned so top tier IT service providers can assign rights to onsite delegated IT administrators, enabling access to tickets and limited PC management for only that client’s site.

Customer Self-Service Portal

The LabTech Customer Self-Service Portal is also redesigned in look and feel to enable easy access to self-service capabilities such as submitting service tickets, checking the status of active service tickets and viewing a history of closed tickets. In addition, customers are able to easily initiate a chat session with a service technician through Quick Connect and even remote control their office PCs from home.

REDESIGNED Patch Manager Usability

Patch management is a core activity in your day-to-day operations. We have redesigned our patch manager with a workflow-based interface for smoother, more intuitive navigation.

NEW Intelligent Baseline Mode

Powered by an advanced algorithm called exponential smoothing, intelligent baselines deliver dynamic monitoring by collecting and analyzing key performance data to identify a device’s normal behavior and expected activity levels. This leads to more accurate monitoring with tailored thresholds that take into account fluctuations and patterns, such as increases in CPU utilization during peak hours, to reduce false alerts. Intelligent baselines also enable you to analyze trending data over time and measure drift from the established baselines, which helps you predict potential issues, as well as future resource requirements such as more memory or processing power as server usage increases over the lifecycle of your client.

NEW Support for Control Center Console on Windows 8 and LabTech Core Server on Windows Server 2012

LabTech Desktop Control Center now supports Windows 8. The LabTech Core Server is now compatible with Windows Server 2012.

IMPROVED Stability and Performance

Numerous fixes to known issues related to VNC, tunnels, database, plug-ins, reports, script engine, user interface (UI) and other core areas.

What's New in LabTech 2013

LabTech 2013 will enable you to provide instant remote IT support, gain anytime access in the office or in the field, and effectively perform detailed tasks related to mission critical monitoring, alerting, escalations, performance trending, incident management, patch management and 99.9% uptime. Watch our recorded webinar to see the latest features in action and learn how you can leverage them to improve your level of service quality, reduce costs and increase profitability with the power of automation.

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