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TeamViewer is an industry-leading remote control solution. Within seconds, you can launch a secure remote support session and begin virtually controlling any PC over the Internet. TeamViewer expedites issue resolution by allowing for spontaneous, remote support which not only improves client satisfaction, but drives efficiency by increasing first call resolution rates, shortening call times and eliminating site visits. Users worldwide appreciate the simple and convenient use, high security and reliability that TeamViewer provides.

TeamViewer Features

  • Session recording
  • Conference call
  • Video chat
  • File transfer
  • File box
  • Screenshot
  • Remote printing
  • Recording
  • Remotely update TeamViewer
  • Remote system information
  • Desktop sharing
  • For Windows

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TeamViewer Benefits

  • 24/7 Access - Gain access to remote computers and servers – anytime, anywhere – even when the machine is unattended.
  • Single-Click Connection - Launch a TeamViewer session to remote control your client’s machine with a single click from your LabTech computer management workspace.
  • Firewall Friendly - TeamViewer will find a connection regardless of firewalls, blocked ports or NAT routing.
  • Blazingly Fast Remote Connection - Speed is optimized for the best possible performance.
  • Direct Support - LabTech Software provides support services for TeamViewer.
  • Automated Deployment and Uninstall - With LabTech, TeamViewer is simple to automatically deploy, activate and uninstall remotely.

TeamViewer and LabTech Integration

TeamViewer and LabTech Integration

Watch this brief demonstration to learn about LabTech’s integration with TeamViewer remote control.

LabTech Integration Highlights – TeamViewer

  • Once installed, launch TeamViewer from the LabTech computer management workspace with a single-click, unlike the multi-step process of the native console.
  • Deploy, activate and uninstall TeamViewer automatically and remotely.
  • Launch blazingly fast, secure remote support sessions from LabTech for single-pane-of-glass visibility.
  • Access an easy client view that provides visibility into which computers are running TeamViewer and allows you to identify the password for an individual endpoint if required.

Webinar: TeamViewer- Premium Remote Control

Screenshot of video

Drew McCallum, LabTech Software Co-Founder and Senior Product Manager, Bill Morgan, LabTech Technical Sales Manager, and Julian Gonzalez, TeamViewer Sales Representative, discuss the benefits of TeamViewer and provide a demo highlighting its single-click connectivity through the LabTech computer management workspace. Learn how you can leverage TeamViewer and LabTech to drive efficiency in your IT services business.