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Our free online distance learning through LabTech University now includes new Role-Based training and LTCP Certification training programs. Pick up LabTech fundamentals with our Essentials courses, where we’ll cover installing the control center, setup, clients, locations, contacts and group configuration concepts.

LabTech University: Training Tailored to Your Needs

LabTech 101

LabTech 101 covers the basic information you’ll need to begin your LabTech training experience.

Role-Based Training

Our new role-based training allows you to customize your LabTech University experience once you’re ready to move on from our LabTech 101 course. Each role-based track focuses on the ways LabTech can make your job easier, zeroing in on the ways LabTech can address your specific job responsibilities. The role-based program will be updated regularly, so check in often to stay up-to-date.

Certification Training

LabTech’s Certification program is taught by expert LabTech trainers who deliver up-to-date information, tips, and best practices. Certifications are essential to keep you current with new LabTech releases and patches, the latest features and functionality and to help you streamline your business service offering and improve your bottom line.

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